Recipe by : Chef Praveen, Corporate Executive Chef, Tabla Hospitality, USA



  • Marinate the mutton cubes with Ginger garlic paste, papaya paste and green chili paste. Add garam masala powder along with chili powder over the mutton cubes and mix well. Put this aside for 1 hour and let the mutton pieces marinate.
  • Make the Second marinate with¬† hung curd ,oil, Cream, Roasted Gram powder, Melted Butter, Salt Mix well & keep aside for 30 mins.
  • Put it on Skewers and cook in Clay Oven Or Preheated oven at 275`C .
  • Glaze with Butter & Cream , sprinkle chaat Masala on top & Serve hot with Onion rings , lemon & Mint Chutney.