Travel + Food = Perfect

Food & Travel

As a Chef, I always enjoy travelling and adapting new culinary skills and knowledge. I love to experience the local food where I travel. Besides travelling locally across Indian, I also traveled globally to discover / rediscover recipes. I’ll gradually share with you recipes and pictures as I travel to new place.

"Food and Travel goes along together. When I'm looking for food inspiration, I travel. I want to feed my appetite for food inspiration by travelling. It is always broadening my culinary expertise and learning new and traditional ways with food."
Chef Vinod B


Bangalore is second home to me but my hometown is Delhi. As a chef, I learned new culinary skills as a part of my experience in this city.


During my visit to Sweden, Swedish cuisine and culture was explored and much loved as it is close to nature and more sustainable.


From kulchas to fish tikkas, Amritsar is famous for ultimate food and the Golden Temple.


While one visit Hamburg, French roll with a cup of freshly roasted coffee is a must. A sweet pastry made with lots of butter and cinnamon is a specialty of Hamburg.


Bangkok is an exciting place and a paradise for the food lovers. Street food by locals is the most popular.

Paris (France)

Paris is one of the populous city of France and been famous for it’s grande cuisine. Food is meticulously prepared and artfully presented there. The national dish of France is Pot-au-Feu and is prepared using stewed meats and vegetables. A must try when you visit.


Switzerland is one of the most scenic and tourist destination across the globe with multifaceted cuisine. The Swiss Chocolates are amongst the most liked world over. Chocolate has been made in Switzerland since the 18th century.


Copenhagen is the most populous city of Denmark. The city is expensive is terms of dining out. Fish dishes are among the most popular dishes.