Chef Nellu KauraPopularly known as the lady with a Chef Coat and proudly introduce myself as Chef Nellu Kaura. After winning various National and International Competitions , I received “Lady Chef of the year , Celebrity Chef of the year and many more respected titles of this field. I am also an Asian Book Record Holder. Along with these achievements, I have also been one of the judges at Master Chef Punjabi ( a television show ). With my handful experience , I founded Chefkala and later organised “BAVARCHI” , a pure veg cooking competition which turned out to be a benchmarked event. With my creative and innovative mind , I pledge to serve the culinary field with much more in the coming time.

And I follow a mantra , ” There is no shortcut to success. Hardwork , passion and dedication will take you on the top. ” And I appeal everyone to LOVE FOOD AND HATE WASTE.



Preparation Method - PANEER POTLI

  1. Paneer 100gm grated, Add chopped coriander – (pretty strong flavour – fresh) 5-6gm, Salt, White Or black Pepper-1/2 tspn, Chotti Elaichi – (according to taste). Chopped kaju, almonds-1 tbsn. Mix them all in grated paneer.
  2. Make Paneer balls with hand, Put the balls in center of clean wrap.
  3. Make a potli. Put balls in boiling water 1- 1 ½ minute it will release it own. Take it out fully. cut the clean wrap carefully. Keep the balls on plate.
  4. Heat Oil in Pan. Add ginger-garlic paste bhunno. Add onion. sauté for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Add Tomato Puree,  Add Dry Fruit Paste. Bhunno well.
  6. Put all the seasoning. Add saffron and Kewra at the end. Check seasoning.
  7. In another Pan reduce red wine properly till its half  Put it in Gravy and mix well. Put the paneer balls in the center of plate or in bowl. Spread gravy on plate. Put  pomegranate seeds as decoration and sum small radish and boiled peas to add colour.


Preparation Method - Roti

  1. Take Atta 20gm, Corn Flour 10gm, Salt Chilli Flakes and some milk for dough
  2. Mix all the ingredients and make a smooth dough.
  3. Make small Chapati.
  4. Prick with fork, fry it, crush it. Put it on the side of dish (or) Serve as crispy Chapatti or Puri as per your Choice.