Chef Izzat Hussain

Recipe by : Chef Izzat Hussain
Please find this AUTHENTIC saffron biryani recipe, this is one of the very light version of biryani among all biryanis. It’s from our royal Nawabi Sheesh Mahal kitchen. Now it is yours.
Remember, all Lucknow cuisine are so light in spices and very soft to eat therefore you may increase chilli if want to make it more spicy.


Pre - Preparation

  1. Cut into desire pieces wash properly.add Lemon juice 5 tea spoon and set a side.
  2. Pre soak rice for one hour.

All above spices put in a mixture jar and make a fine paste.


Take a pan and add Desi ghee- 200 g put on slow medium fire.
Put chicken in ghee and stair well for few minutes. Now add spice paste.
Add whole bay leaf and star anise 2 gram each. Stair well and cover for 15 minutes.
Off your burner and isp kewra and 150 ml milk. Stair and cover again.


Make YAKHNI (cold liquor) with following ingredients;
250 g Full Cream Milk
1 g: Saffron
5 g: Kewda Water
1 tsf: Coriander powder (optional)
All mix together.


Take a large pan to Boil Rice and put following ingredients with 3 1/2 l water.
7 tbsp: Salt
4 – Cloves
4 – Green Cardamom
1 x Cinnamon Stick
2 x Bay leafs
Boil this water on high flame when the water boiled put pre-soaked rice with it make sure your rice is cooked up to 80%.
Drain water from rice.


Now Dum your Biryani adding with rice and chicken.
Keep some rice on bottom of pan and put all chicken on it.
Now put all remaining boiled & pre drained rice on it.
Now spread rest yakhni on it.
Cover it properly and put on semi slow heat for 20 minutes.
After dum your heavenly flavors Biryani is ready to serve.
Serve with Burhani or your choice Raita.