CornP aneer kachori by Chef Vinod

Corn & Paneer Kachori

Making Dough

In a big bowl put maida, salt, oil as moian. Knead a medium soft dough. Keep aside covering with wet muslin cloth for half an hour. Divide the dough into equal portions and keep aside again by covering it with muslin cloth.

Stuffing Kachori

Preparation Method

In deep pan put sarson oil, heat it nicely. Add jeera, fennel seeds, let it spullter, then add all other dry spices and cook for a minute. Add corns, crumbled paneer (cottage cheese). Cook for 2 to 3 minutes. When all ingredients merges well, switch off the flame. Allow mixture to get at room temperature.

Stuffing the Kachori:
Take a deep pan or kadahi put enough oil for deep frying the Kachori. Now take a portion of dough flat roll it like poori, put spoon full of stuffing we made. Seal the Kachori, flat roll it softly or you can spread it by tapping on palm slowly. Size of Kachori should be like poories. Now deep fry these kachories one by one on medium flame till turns golden and crusty. Serve it with green or sweet tamarind chutney.